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Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy, yet not very...

It has been a quiet week here in River Edge, New Jersey.

The dartboard that Ian had bought a few weeks ago began having serious scoring problems within only a day or two of our hanging it up in the basement, so he and I went back to Sears to return it this week. While wandering around the store, we noticed a bunch of dart boards up high on a shelf, away from the sporting goods section. Unlike the fairly basic ones that were in the regular display, these came complete with cabinetry and seemed to be much better made, so and asked one of the employees about them. When he took them down and did a price check, it turned out that these nice Halex dart boards were actually discontinued items and were on clearance for less than what we had paid for the first dart board. With a no-brainer solution like that, we brought one home and hung it up on the wall. Almost a week into the new dart board, things are going great. The only problem is that Ian has been playing so much that we now need to go out and buy more points for the darts. Fortunately, there's a dart store less than a mile from our house.

Ian had several of his friends over on Friday night for his (somewhat belated) birthday party. For the last couple years, he has had this same group of guys over for periodic Dungeons and Dragons adventures and they boys spent several hours working their way through an adventure that Ian led as dungeon master. Pizza, a couple dart games and watching The Dark Kinght rounded out the evening and the boys pretty much all fell asleep while watching the movie.

Yesterday, I was back at Trinity United Church for a final adult education program, "A Lenten Look at the Beatitudes," where we looked at both the Matthean and Lukan versions of the beatitudes and discussed why it was that such teaching led to Jesus' arrest and execution. I've spent so many Sundays at Trinity that it almost feels like my home church. After worship, lots of the members congratulated me on my call to FCC, Norwalk, and wished me well on my new adventure.

Today, I was supposed to travel up to Norwalk for a series of meetings, but the snow has prevented it. We've only got about 2.5 inches on the ground at the moment, but the forecast is for about a foot and the snow is picking up again after something of a lull. Everything has been rescheduled for next Monday, right after I get back from my final Central Atlantic Conference Board of Directors meeting. I guess I should be grateful for today's unplanned quiet, since everything else is switching into high gear as I get ready to start my new job. I'll try to look at it that way.

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Lily said...

Aaron has the low-tech dartboard where you do the scoring yourself, and I love it. He and Aaron will probably enjoy a game or two next time y'all come back to Virginia.


Congratulations, by the way!