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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Culinary Success, Literary Failure

I hate admitting defeat, but I'm going to do it.

Back in August, shortly after I set up this blog, I created a companion blog, Food in the Balance, that was going to document my culinary adventures. One of my personal reasons for wanting to blog about food was so that I could keep a record of my cooking successes and failures. The reality turned out differently.

Despite my best intentions to be a creative cook, I quickly realized that only a small percentage of my cooking was really blog-worthy. After all, while the first post about making latkes in my new B I G skillet may be newsworthy, another post a couple weeks later about a repeat performance isn't really that interesting. Beyond the problem of repeat meals not being exciting to write about, I found that a lot of my best cooking went unblogged because it was happening when my life was just too busy to slow down and write. Trust me, though, you would have loved the post about the cochinita pibil that I cooked and how I then used the leftovers to make Cuban sandwiches and, ultimately, pozole rojo, that I fed to my family on Christmas Eve, if only I had slowed down enough to write it.

So, here I am, looking back over the whopping 15 posts that I have made, and realizing that I bit off more than I could chew when I set up a food-specific blog. I am, therefore, officially announcing the demise of Food in the Balance. In the next few days, I will transfer all of the posts from that blog to this one. I will continue to write about food and cooking from time to time in this blog. Maybe, I'll even write about this past Thursday's baked mahi-mahi with tomato-habañero salsa that I served with sautéed dandelion greens and rice pilaf. It was REALLY good!

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